Name: Archer "Doubleback" Mc'Ginty

Archer "Doubleback" McGinty

Age : Unknown - Approximately mid 30s

Last reported location: Gemini Sector - District Alpha Sector

I am Archer "Doubleback" Mc'Ginty, Pirate of the Gemini star system. I don't remember much of my youth, only that I started working aboard pirate ships out of Tortuga Bay around the age of 12. I found I had an affinity with piloting Cruiser Class starships, especially at high speeds and tights turns.

It was on my first mission as pilot of a heap of junk that I earned my name "Doubleback". There is nothing like hiding in an asteroid field and waiting on freighters running contraband to the outer system stations for quick credits; they were always the best prey.

With my skills, I could come in from behind, take out there main engines and then "Doubleback" and come in for the kill before the ship crew even knew what hit 'em. This is the tactics I am famous for and utilize to my best ability each and every day whilst in space. I know time is against me and I know I shall not be one of the old pilots telling war stories in Tortuga Bay bar, but this is something I embrace, not fear.

For the day shall eventually come when I am no more than matter in space myself. Archer "Doubleback" Mc'Ginty, Pirate Captain of the Lady Jane "I find it rude to laugh, when I have plasma cannons aimed at your head".

Ship name Ship type Ship class Faction Name Level Price Start Sector
Lady Jane Razsa Cruiser Trinity Free States 70 8,000,000 295

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