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Cruiser Auriga

This page is about the cruiser Auriga ship.

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The Auriga is a cruiser class ship manufactured by Bosseron Enterprises.

One of these ships, the Avalon, was the ship of Gabriel Faulkner, the father of the game's protagonist, Adrian.

This ship is NOT fit for combat.

Basic info
Hull Shields Cargo Troopers Rank Manufacturer Price
8,000 2,500 140 52 Ensign Bosseron Enterprises 7,626,000
Auriga ship
Auriga stats
Light batteries Heavy batteries
Battery energy Power refill Cool down Bow turrets Side turrets Aft turrets Bow ammo Side ammo Aft ammo
120 8 4 4 1 - - - -
Cloak Hangar Transporter
Strength Stability Wing Range Capacity
- - - 500 15

The Auriga cruiser can be bough at

  • BlackFoot (Anarchists), Clearwater (SupraTravel)
  • Gilgamesh [(Rogues) - Kingsway T-Gate, 1x North and 1x North-East]


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