This page is about the Canberra destroyer.


The Canberra is a destroyer class vessel built by the Miners Guild.

Basic info
Hull Shields Cargo Troopers Rank Manufacturer Price
5,800 2,000 135 40 Master Petty Officer Miners Guild 4,864,960
Canberra ship

Canberra stats

Canberra stats

Light batteries Heavy batteries
Battery energy Power refill Cool down Bow turrets Side turrets Aft turrets Bow ammo Side ammo Aft ammo
85 5.5 2 4 2 - - 6 -
Cloak Hangar Transporter
Strength Stability Wing Range Capacity
- - - 500 16

The Canberra destroyer can be bought at Gaia [Planet Fairuz T-Gate, 1x South], Waldeburg [(Miners Guild) - Ruhr T-Gate, 1x North-West] stations.

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