Carthagena was the very first populated planet in the Gemini system. Taskforce of Imperial armada arrived in the year 2197. and established temporary HQ on planet's surface. All efforts on directing Starpoint construction and further expansion were directed from there. In just couple of years, Carthagena was transformed to an incredible world of shiny supercities, a capital of newly established Gemini Colonial Directorate. Alas, good luck wasn't meant to last. At the end of the first Gemini war, withdrawing Directorate forces executed Directive Nine and attempted to close the Starpoint. Secret antimatter device used there triggered a massive cascade reaction that swept through most of Gemini. Fragile and unstable space in this system became even more volatile. Apocalyptic destruction and death that followed were from then on reffered to as "Starpoint incident". As the world closest to Starpoint wormhole, Carthagena was almost completely annihilated, and most of 700 million inhabitants killed. Survivors abandoned the planet that barely survived in one piece. Years later, when the atmosphere was stabilized, people started to return to surface and rebuild cities, but Carthagena never returned to former glory. Even today its surface is covered with craters and painful marks of forgotten doom.


New phenomena appeared, later named "stasis rift". In essence it was a void inside space-time continuum, void that spread and appeared randomly. All objects caught in it were presumably lost, but were in fact just isolated from normal space and time flow. Two decades later technology was developed to search for those rift anomalies, and "patch" them, bringing stranded objects back to our reality. Extracted ships and crews were named "revenants" and were the cause of many problems in the system. From the perspective of stranded captains, they believed war is still raging between Gemini League and Colonial Directorate. They had no idea that in our universe more then twenty years passed and that the war in question was over many years ago. Confused revenant commanders sometimes met their own friends that were now few decades older then they were. For some of them, seeing their brothers in arms suddenly being old and grey was just too shocking. Unable to cope with friends they no longer knew, and the world they no longer recognize, many of them lost their mind and went berserk. With further advancement of stasis technology, entire fleets were brought back, both rebel and pro-imperial. It wasn't long before all out civil war was simply resumed after two decade long pause. Directorate forces finally succeeded to obtain advanced stasis technology and upgrade it even more. Results were good enough to pull entire Starpoint gateway out from stasis rift. And that was just the moment imperial reinforcements were waiting for on the other side of universe...

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