Baeldor Republic is one of the oldest Gemini factions, originating from the time of the first civil war that ravaged the system. It has undergone major restructuring

Baeldor Republic

during the last decade, creating what is today a trilateral democratic federation of three semi-independent baronies. All three share the senate as equals, with the presiding chairman as the spokesman who hold no direct power of decision making, but does have a certain degree of influence. This position has been held by Carlos Figueroa, a distinguished Baeldor military figure, for two consecutive 4 year terms and if it wasn't for him, the Republic would probably be no more. Independence movements in the baronies have been gradually gaining strength and analysts believe it is only a matter of time before the Republic splits.

Stations and Planets Edit

  1. Yellowstone
  2. Planet Baeldor
  3. Waterloo Battlestation
  4. Planet Corrion
  5. Rayen Freeport
  6. Richthoffen

Ships Edit

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