Little is known about this mysterious group. Their existence was confirmed on numerous occasions, but normal, let alone diplomatic relations were never developed. The mystery surrounding their members gave room for outlandish speculation and even conspiracy theories. "The Brotherhood seems like nothing more than a religious cult. They are not a threat, but we should keep one eye open if ever they turn to more extreme behavior." - Leonard Sainz; prominent socio-anthropological expert.

The Brotherhood are in fact survivors of an Imperial experiment with alien DNA to create humans with psychic powers. It went horribly right, as the new "hybrids" made contact with the original alien species where the DNA came from, a race of human-like beings with starry eyes known as the A'Shriari, and begged them to free them of their plight. The A'Shriari accepted them into their hive-mind, and proceeded to burn the entire Empire to the ground, all the way up to Sol itself, forcing the survivors to flee to the Gemini System, and to try to re-establish their rule there.

The only reason Gemini hasn't been destroyed yet is due to a mysterious structure known as the Lens, which disrupts the telepathy the A'Shriari possess, ruining their coordination and causing them serious side effects. However, the Brotherhood, due to the fact that they're "hybrids", are able to fight in Gemini without issue. The Brotherhood's ultimate objective is to destroy the Lens, so that their allies can enter without issue and finish the job that they started.

Their open support for the genocidal aliens has revolted the people of Gemini to the point that they're enemies of everyone.

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Due to their link with the A'Shriari race, the Brotherhood have access to their highly advanced technology. Their ships are in fact A'Shriari designs, adapted for use in Gemini.

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