After the Gateway wormhole to the Earth Empire' capital of Sol was reopened, the vast Imperial fleets pushed into Gemini, lashing at all those who oppose them. Their advance was fast, but eventually slowed down, though not before they made a significant foothold in the star system. The powerful Gemini factions can only suspect what their final intentions are, but at the moment the Imperial giant stands still in the center of Gemini. The Imperial enclave in Gemini is commanded by Grand Admiral Cavurian. For all intents and purposes, he is the military commander and political leader of Empire in Gemini. The Empire is seen by the people of Gemini as "a parasite on their wealth and a cancer on their future", not helped by the sheer brutality of the actions of their former servants, the Colonial Directorate.

Although the factions of Gemini thought that the Imperial Armada was preparing for a final assault on Gemini, they were completely mistaken. The ships in Gemini were all that remained of the once-great navy. An experiment involving newly-discovered alien DNA in the Orion System attracted the owners of it, an alien species known as the A'Shriari. In a matter of weeks, most of the Empire was overwhelmed and exterminated by the aliens. Not even Sol, the Empire's heart, could last against their assault for long, and if it wasn't for Nyx and the Directorate reopening the Gateway, everyone on Sol would be dead.

The Empire seeks to reach and protect a mysterious artifact in the Soreen region, a device known as The Lens, a machine that is able to nullify the telepathy of the A'Shriari. The Empire will do everything to protect the Lens, and destroy anyone that stands in their way to the Lens, whether they're the Gemini Factions, the Brotherhood, or someone else.

Stations and Planets Edit

  1. Planet Carthagena
  2. Falkirk
  3. Anatolia
  4. Rammstein
  5. Akron Complex
  6. Xerxes Imperial Shipyard
  7. Blacksburg
  8. Solomon Battlestation

Ships Edit

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