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Spaceships are the most prominent feature of the game. In Gemini everything revolves around spaceships one way or an other: the player lives and dies aboard these vessels. In the game Starpoint Gemini 2 at the moment there are 75 space faring vessels in various sizes and capabilities, all of them are possible to own and command (or nick).

The player may equip more than 200 different turrets and use dozens of different consumables (equipment) to augment combat, also there are many enhancers for the sub-systems to alter and enhance their function. Skill and perks are also present to provide a deeper tactical approach and to find the most suitable way of gameplay to the player's liking.

Classes of ships[]

There are different classes of ships. Each has their own set of characteristics. Smaller ships, like Gunships, are fast and agile. Bigger ships are slower, but possess more firepower. On the links below you may find descriptions of classes, and of the various ships beyond. Also there is a starmap section, where you can get help finding what is where in Gemini and a section dedicated for basic ship controls.

The different classes are:

Ship manufacturing factions

Advanced Arms Baeldor Republic Bosseron Enterprises Brotherhood Empire Exac Raw Materials
Gemini Protectorate Gemini Space Engineering Gladius Group HeraCorp Hub IonTech
Korkyra LaGarde Province Madeira Constructions Mars Shipping Miners Guild MultiOps
Mycaena NeoPhysics Nexus Nyxian Consortium Omega Transport SupraTravel
Thaurian Alliance Traders Association TriACorp Trinity Free States Wastelanders

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