Introduction Edit

Upon start of a new game the space pilot can choose between three different classes: Commander, Gunner and Engineer. Each of those classes makes use of four distinct powers. Every power has five possible effects where the space pilot can invest skill points in, which he receives upon level up.

Short overview of the classes Edit

Commander Edit

The commander focuses on boosting abilities for the whole fleet and for his own ship. It is the only class which has powers to increase fighter wing efficiency. The commander has access to the following powers:

  • Tactics: Augment your fleet. Uses 3.0 power per second
  • Retaliate: Enemy hits can cause retaliatory effects on the shooter. Uses 4.0 power per second
  • Defender: Augment your ship with defensive effects. Uses 5.0 power per second
  • Piloting: Augment your ship's movement and accuracy. Uses 3.0 power per second

Gunner Edit

The gunner focuses on dealing raw damage. It offers a power for each weapon type and increases their strength and lowers their weaknesses. The gunner has the following powers:

  • Plasma Booster: Boost your Plasma cannons with special effects. Uses 4.0 power per second
  • Beam Manipulation: Enhance your Beam accelerators. Uses 4.0 power per second
  • Railgunner: Augment your Railguns with special effects and added damage. Uses 4.0 power per second
  • Heavy Hitter: Heavy weapons can always hit harder. Uses 4.0 power per second

Engineer Edit

The engineer focuses on enemy ship manipulation - directly or through dangerous rifts - as well as boosting his own ship's power network and defenses. The engineer has the following powers:

  • Hack: Wreak havoc by hacking into your target's mainframe. Uses 3.0 power per second
  • Rift: Create powerful anomalies that weaken and damage your enemies. Uses 5.0 power per second
  • Energize: Boost your ship's Power output and distribution to augment your shields and disable your enemies' weapons. Uses 6.0 power per second
  • Enforce: Augment your weapon systems to have more energy or deal additional damage. Uses 4.0 power per second
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