Basic ship controls (thanks to our member Tobias2189 for the idea!) They are remapable via the menu/controls, the program also checks if you have conflicting buttons set before you save the changes.

Starpoint Gemini 2 ControlsEdit

W = Down
S = Up
A = Left
D = Right
Q = Roll left
E = Roll right
Space = Mouse Flight
Tab = Shift between: Normal View, Turret View and Mounted View
V = Shift between Normal View and Turret View
K = Target View (Follow Target with Camera)
B = PTE (Power to Engines)
Y = Max Speed
N = Cut Speed to 0
G = Match target speed
M = Starchart
C = Collect all (loot)

Number Pad: Num Lock On

0 = Cloak On or Off

Number Pad:

Numpad Divide (/) = Mark Target (for wings and Fire At Will autofire)
* = Release or Recall fighters
F = Fire at Will (Weapons auto fire at close by targets)
X = Fire missile at locked on target (Each side of your ship can have missile launchers and must face the locked on target to fire their missiles)
F10 = Pause the game (for screenshots)
F11 = Toggle OFF/ON HUD (for panoramic view to make screenshots)
F12 = Take screenshot (Steam default)

Unassigned but very useful (you need to assign a key for yourself)

/Options -> Controls/:

N/A = Chase Camera
N/A = Tactical Overlay

/Options -> General/:

Always show Quick Target Scan (checkbox)

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Visual mapEdit


Visual map of Starpoint Gemini 2 controls. Click on the image for a larger view.

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