Name: Elizabeth Arthur

Elizabeth Arthur

Age : Unknown

Last reported location: Unknown

In a universe full of conflict and strife there is always room for another freelancer or mercenary to step in and get their hands dirty. While most only follow the money, Elizabeth has gathered a reputation for being a bit of an idealist mercenary.

Often choosing contracts that were more about helping the greater good rather than just lining her pockets. She gained great respect because of this, which in turn did lead to some sizeable contracts and wealth...

She very much believes in strength in numbers and following this logic, chooses to command a modified carrier which she painted ruby red. Some say it's to instil fear in her enemies, while others say it just fits her style. No matter what her reasons, it earned her the nickname "The Red Queen".

Ship name Ship type Ship class Faction Name Level Price Start Sector
The Red Queen Razsa Cruiser Trinity Free States 70 8,000,000 107

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