Overview Edit

Enforce is one of the four abilities of the Engineer class. It enhances player's weapons with additional effects. Enforce is best used in conjunction with railguns or plasma weapons.

Skill Name Effect Starting Value First Value Value @65 spent ponts
EMP Boost Additional EMP damage +10% +10% +146%
Scramble Chance to disable weapons on hit 0 +3% +68%
Energy Steal Chance to recharge power on hit 0 +3% +68%
Overload Critical hit damage 0 +50% +710%
Continuous fire Chance to evenly distribute weapon energy cost between all weapon batteries 0 +5% +75%

Trivia Edit

  • Beams can not crit and are already efficient against shields, so the added EMP damage is not that efficient.
  • Beams only "hit" once, when the beam connects to the ship.
  • Railguns are most efficient with Enforce as they are weak against shields and cause more hits per second than plasma weapons.
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