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The factions are split into 3 different categories: Territorial, Companies, and Outlaw.  Your standing with the factions is based on an overall “Reputation” that is gained or lost from doing missions and combating different factions.  Some factions like the Trinity Free States will become neutral or allied to you based on raising your reputation. Some factions like the Triad will become neutral or allies with you based on a negative reputation. While others like the Thaurian Alliance will never become neutral or allied with you. 

Please click here to see the starmap with the faction borders on it.

Here you may see all the faction pages below:

Advanced Arms Inc. AI Robotics Anarchists Baeldor Republic Bosseron Enterprises Brotherhood
Directorate Earth Empire Exac Raw Materials Frontier Gemini Protectorate Gemini Space Engineering
Genos Ghosts Gladius Group Heraclean Front HeraCorp Hexen
HoloCom Inc Hub Iolian Pact IonTech Korkyra LaGarde Province
Madeira Constructions Mars Shipping Mendoza Foodstuffs Miners Guild MultiOps Mycaena
NeoPhysics Nexus Niners Nyxian Consortium Omega Transport Porphyria
Raiders Revenants Rogues Sanctuary Stiletto Stoners
SupraTravel Syndicate Thaurian Alliance The Shard Traders Association TriaCorp
Triad Trinity Free States Union Vanquis Wasteland Wright Chemicals