Gemini space distortions

Gemini space distortions

Gemini starsystem is known by its countless space anomalies. First ship that experienced that brutal reality was "Armande", and she was among first few imperial research vessels that entered Gemini when construction of Starpoint was halfway done. Armande was lost and only a handful of crew escaped with few escape pods.

Full investigation was ordered and scientific missions determined that very fabric of gravity fields in Gemini is fragile and unstable. Some claimed it is due to large number of planets in system, and their relative proximity. Others believed disturbances are caused by mutual interactions of two suns in the middle of sector zero. Whatever the case was, Gemini remained a potentially dangerous area, but lure of many habitable planets for colonization was just too strong.

End of the first Gemini war, and repercussions of Starpoint Incident raised threat level to new apocalyptic dimensions. Unstable universe was torn apart by massive subspace detonation and effects of anomalies multiplied many times over. Planets nearest to explosion were instantly scorched, and all remaining space in Gemini was entangled in a dense web of stasis rifts and deadly ruptures. In the years following this disaster, situation slowly improved and science found new ways to contain thousands of anomalies.

Biggest single breakthrough was made by young brilliant scientist Elenor Ridley, who studied and developed technology to locate and disperse stasis rift subspace pockets. Still, to this day, countless ships were lost to these space abominations. Most captains simply learned to coexist with space distrubances, while those bold enough, even found ways to use them in some cases as tactical advantage...