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This page is about gunships, the smaller ship class yet to pilot by the player in the SG Universe. One type of this class is assigned to the player as a starter ship and can be equipped with several light turrets on one secondary hard point and sometimes with an additional heavy weapon. It's role and importance should not be underestimated; the class can be formidable if used wisely and in numbers. Several rumors circling about a single gunship is capable of taking out a dreadnought class vessel but it is yet to be confirmed.


Gunships are small and agile vessels used in several supporting roles from single assignments to major fleet engagements. The size of the class varies between 15 and 20 meters, and is lightly armed and armored witch makes them vulnerable when alone. Its speed and agility makes it perfect for 'hit and run' missions; the light armor, weak shields and lack of multiple turret hard points are compensated by its ability to evade slower plasma rounds and the fast charging overdrive comes handy in desperate situations. The vessel class is favored by outlaws and pirate operations for its low price, low maintenance cost, agility and - in one case - cloaking ability. The Gemini Council plans to order and outsource blueprints for the Tier 2 gunship class, which will be useful in covert ops, electronic/cyber warfare and infiltration.

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