Name: Kate Hammerhill

Kate Hammerhill

Age : Unknown

Last reported location: Unknown

A descendant of Admiral Marcus Hammerhill, Kate grew up accustomed to military life and eagerly awaited her opportunity to continue her family legacy as soon as she came of age.

Rising through the ranks with a mixture of tactical intuition and sheer brazenness she found her niche as a destroyer captain, the mixture of firepower and maneuverability matching her fighting and command style perfectly. In keeping with her family namesake, Kate is infamous for "dropping the hammer" on foes, preferring the heavy punch of railguns and other hard ammo weaponry to devastate foes and soften up larger targets for finishing blows by other vessels.

After losing her wife Jasmine in a raider attack, she has had burning hatred for pirates and has been known to sometimes get in over her head and put her ship at questionable risk in relentless pursuit of justice.

Ship name Ship type Ship class Faction Name Level Price Start Sector
Jasmine Razsa Cruiser Trinity Free States 70 8,000,000 45

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