Name: Mercadier de Molay

Mercadier de Molay

Age : Unknown

Last reported location: Unknown

Neither friend nor foe, Mercadier de Molay owes his allegiance to the guy with the biggest bank account second and to himself first. A true opportunist, de Molay ensures you always draw the short stick. Legends of his exploits elicit shock and awe, fear and reverence. One star date he'll reduce a dreadnought to cosmic dust - alone - in his heavily modified gunship for a stockpile of creds and the next he'll lead a daring rescue against blood driven raiders for an outlying mining colony for not more than a ham sandwich.

Mercadier's past isn't shrouded in mystery, a jigsaw puzzle to be pieced together bit by bit. Everyone knows Mercadier, his triumphs in past wars - on either side - as well as his penchant for exotic delicacies; everyone knows about his co-pilot, an allegedly bio-mechanical orange "feline" from a back water planet at the edge of the galaxy; and everyone grudgingly knows that Mercadier de Molay is the best damn pilot to ever traverse the stars; but very few know the man himself. And that very few know what de Molay wants them to know: whatever it takes to secure the upper hand.

Ship name Ship type Ship class Faction Name Level Price Start Sector
Stiletto Razsa Cruiser Trinity Free States 70 8,000,000 128

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