Nyxian space

The Nyxian Consortium is a faction in the Gemini galaxy. Until 3412, they were considered one of Gemini's major factions. However, due to their betrayal of Gemini's peoples to the Empire, they lost much of their influence, and are considered outlaws.

Their old place as the traders of Gemini has been taken by the Free Traders Association and the Iolian Pact.


The Nyxian Consortium is an alliance of powerful, and more importantly, very wealthy city states originating on the planet Nyx. It is one of the oldest organized states in Gemini, with their history stretching back to the time of the first civil war. After the Empire invaded Gemini, the Nyxian Consortium got involved with them expecting their fast victory, all with the goal to be a part of the new governing structure. Ever since the Empire slowed down and halted their conquest, the relations between the Nyxian Consortium and the Empire have been growing colder.

They have attempted to invade the Mycaena cluster in the past.

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