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Perun scene

Dreadnought Perun


The Perun is a dreadnought class ship manufactured by the Earth Empire.

The needle-like, almost aggressive design of the Perun dreadnought is further accentuated by the positioning of the light-weapon turrets into a point in front of the ship, making it an extreme damage-dealer. The maximum number of turrets of the four light weapon hardpoints is 16, the hull and shields are extremely durable, the hangar houses one fighter wing and the cargo hold is impressively large for such a slim chassis. While the maximum number of heavy weapon missiles is 70, no one will begin to notice your ammo depleting as you shred through anyone and everyone who stands in your way.

This ship is the last descendant of the first dreadnought, the EE Dreadnought, and its power was unmatched for years until the Baeldor Republic developed the Tzar.

Basic info
Hull Shields Cargo Troopers Rank Manufacturer Price
21,000 7,500 110 100 Ltn. Commander Empire 25,101,500
Perun ship

Perun basic info

Perun stats
Light batteries Heavy batteries
Battery energy Power refill Cool down Bow turrets Side turrets Aft turrets Bow ammo Side ammo Aft ammo
180 8.5 8 5 4 3 25 15 15
Cloak Hangar Transporter
Strength Stability Wing Range Capacity
- - 1 500 20

The Perun dreadnought can be bought at

  • Planet Carthagena.
  • Xerxes Imperial Shipyard.
Perun map location

Perun map location

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