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Frigate Philadelphia

This page is about the Philadelphia frigate.

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The Philadelphia is a frigate class vessel built by the Trinity Free States. It was originally intended as a navy battle group support vessel for the - then only planned - Tokio super-dreadnought. The engineers of the Free States thought a dreadnought would not need a strong trooper compliment due to its enormous fire power, so the original Tokio was not planned with trooper bunkers. According to the Strategum, the Philadelphia was supposed to serve as a fast marine strike unit, so as such it has the second biggest trooper bunker of all the frigate vessels and low armament/power feed due to the intention of being shadowed by the much more capable Tokio dreadnought.

The reality of warfare crossed the initial plans and after the States have lost a few Tokios due to marine capping actions, they've redesigned the Tokio, adding a trooper deck with supply and recreation facilities, in the exchange of one gun deck. They've also assigned the Philadelphia as an over-assurance against enemy intrusions so these days it is rare to see a Tokio without two or three Philadelphia escorts.

Due to it have the second largest-in-class trooper capacity and generous cargo space the Philadelphia is a good choice for daring captains who are focusing on capturing enemy vessels. With skill and tact, this frigate could earn her captains fortunes, but the relatively weak armor and offensive capabilities make this vessel a harsh and unforgiving mistress; if her captain underestimates an opponent it may be their last mistake.

Basic info
Hull Shields Cargo Troopers Rank Manufacturer Price
3,000 1,000 80 45 Petty Officer Trinity Free States 2,209,920

Philadelphia ship.jpg

Philadelphia stats.jpg

Light batteries Heavy batteries
Battery energy Power refill Cool down Bow turrets Side turrets Aft turrets Bow ammo Side ammo Aft ammo
60 5.5 3 3 2 1 12 - 5
Cloak Hangar Transporter
Strength Stability Wing Range Capacity
- - - 405 20

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Philadelphia map location

  • Alameda [(Trinity Free States) - Planet Trinity T-Gate, 1x North]
  • Hamilton Shipyards [(Trinity Free States) - Planet Trinity T-Gate, 1x North-East]
  • Planet Trinity [(Trinity Free States)- Planet Trinity T-Gate]