Starpoint Gemini 2 Wiki

These are the quests available in the freeroam mode.

Assassination destroy targeted ship
Capture capture targeted ship
Patrol patrol the designated route and deal with any issue (scripted) that may arise during the patrol
Science scan targeted anomaly possible ambush
Rescue assist targeted ship/station *possible ambush
Maintenance repair targeted structure (satellite, TGate…)
Ferry bring the requested items to the targeted station/planet
Taxi reach targeted waypoint without losing the VIP *possible ambush
  • attackers will try to board player’s ship and kidnap the VIP
Station Assault Destroy targeted station/structure
Station Defense defend designated station/structure from wave(s) of attackers
Convoy Escort accompany designated convoy to its destination *possible attacks
  • reward depends on surviving convoy ships
Convoy Raid destroy freighters and freightliners in a defended convoy
  • reward depends on destroyed convoy ships
Station Raid capture designated amount of a commodity(s) from a station
  • player has to first damage the station and then transport

Troopers to it

Smuggle transport contraband to designated station/planet