Raqaan gunship

This page is about the Ra'Qaan gunship.

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Description[edit | edit source]

The Ra'Qaan is a gunship-class vessel used by the Brotherhood. It is a modified version of the Re'Q-class gunship used by the A'Shriari race, which have severe problems operating in Gemini due to their reliance on telepathy, which is disrupted by the mysterious Lens. The Ra'Qaan is able to cloak.

The original version of the ship, the Re'Q, is the main attack ship of their alien overlords, deployed by Voltra motherships and overwhelming anyone that stands in their way, with their immense coordination and grace, they're able to slaughter even the largest of enemies en-masse.

Basic info
Hull Shields Cargo Troopers Rank Manufacturer Price
720 270 50 30 Apprentice Brotherhood 343,500c

Ra'Quann shipp.jpg

Ra'Quann stats.jpg

Light batteries Heavy batteries
Battery energy Power refill Cool down Bow turrets Side turrets Aft turrets Bow ammo Side ammo Aft ammo
40 6 3.5 1 - - 8 - -
Cloak Hangar Transporter
Strength Stability Wing Range Capacity
- - - 350 12

The Ra'Qaan gunship can only be obtained by boarding Brotherhood-owned exemplars.

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